About Us

My name is Sarah and I'm a young professional in Ventura, California. By day, I do industrial real estate management and development. By evening and weekend I am an amateur eventer, training with Laurie Canty Training Stables.

I grew up doing saddleseat and spent many years just pleasure riding and did a bit of western and trail class too. In summer 2009 I took my first eventing lesson. I got hooked pretty quick. Entering this sport as an adult and from a completely different riding background makes for some interesting moments!

Hannah is a lovely TBxWB mare who came into my life in March 2015. We are enjoying getting to know each other. She's a well trained horse with hunter/jumper experience, and plenty of personality!

My former partner was the handsome and wonderful Bohemian. I adopted Hemie in April 2012 and we enjoyed 3 years together before he moved on to a more advanced rider. He is an ex-racehorse and former TV star in the HBO series "Luck" which was cancelled after the first season.

My previous mount, Spirit, and I enjoyed just over 2 years together, each teaching the other quite a bit.

The name Eventing In Color is a nod to the bold and fun cross-country colors eventers wear, and the excitement and childlike joyfulness I find captured in this sport and from horses in general. This blog serves to capture memories, give opinions, track progress, share experiences, and discuss random things. Comments are welcome!


  1. I LoVED the show Luck and your boy is super cute (lucky pup!). So sad they cancelled it (I know there were reasons, but it still doesn't minimize how awesome the show was). Can't wait to read your blog!

    1. Thank you!! I agree and I've always liked it when horses have jobs outside of being pets - and being a TV star is a pretty cool job! Probably a much better life than being a competitive race horse.