Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Weather Sport?

So, less than a week away from my first schooling show of 2011 (dressage only), and sassy Miss Mother Nature shows up with her rain clouds to screw things up. (Ever since I had a previous horse at a co-op boarding facility, I have hated rain. Rain makes feeding, mucking, and tacking up take twice as long, and makes riding dangerous. Its just a nuisance. I haven't been at a co-op for many years, but my annoyance at rain hasn't gone away.) I had bathed my horse this past weekend, and now I know she'll be a mudball. The footing is not safe enough to exercise my horse, so we're not getting the practice rides I was counting on. Plus, the show is likely to get cancelled, and I'll be out the $25 administration fee. Grrrrr.

Update - show officially cancelled =/

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