Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving two towns down

Alas, the time has come for our temporary evacuation home to get its stalls back. Our barn is leaving on the 1st.

The vast majority of the barn is moving to a very well appointed equestrian center with lush stalls and lots of amenities. A few outliers, including myself, cannot work that option for various reasons. For me, its the price of board. Their cheapest option was a 30% increase from previous. Haggling brought it down some, but it would still be a stretch and the lady seemed rather put out by my need of affordable boarding. I'd rather go to a place that welcomes my business rather than begrudges me for it.

Spirit's owner and I are honing in on our future boarding facility. I need to stay close to my trainer, and be centrally located to where I and my close friend live. We have a few options we're looking into. Too bad we only have 3 days left to figure it out... I've been loosing sleep over it! At least I can say that it will all be said and done by the weekend.

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