Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dreamy Dressage

My last few dressage lessons have been absolutely dreamy. Constant contact has now finally been established, leading to overall on-the-bit-ness success and a new level of subtlety. This past Saturday in particular I ran through my dressage test for the first time (2010 Beg Nov Test A). I like the pattern, and we did pretty well.

Note to self, though: if you think your horse is going to be frisky because she wasn't able to get out as much as normal due to random rain, bring weapons! For whatever reason, I thought to myself "I don't need spurs or a whip today because she'll be so bright" - well, I needed those tools precisely because she was bright. Uh, hello, silly! Won't forget next time. We did have our first rear in a few weeks - I quickly kicked her forward and onward. But for sure I wish I could have done more ass kicking than I did.

This is the short dressage court measuring 20'x40'.

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