Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another willing ride

Its a lovely sunny Sunday, and even though I didn't get Spirit out as much as I'd have liked this week, Spirit proved to be a very willing girl.  =)

Our lesson today consisted of one jump element, which started as a series of ground poles, later turning into a jump surrounded by poles. We focused on straightness and balance. Later, I worked on changing the stride to influence feet placement (before versus after a placing pole). Spirit cracked her back many times and was very respectful of my half-halts, even when it was windy and there were all sorts of spookworthy noises and piles of jumps in the arena. I am very pleased and proud of her. 

The day was hot, so Spirit got a nice bath. Here's some pictures. I love her coloring when she's wet!

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  1. I am on Northern CA and the weather was amazing here today- I am sure that it was just as nice down in Ventura! :)