Saturday, June 16, 2012

Add Purpose

I've been slacking a bit this week, mostly due to crazy work schedule. But finally, Saturday night, here is some video! Thanks to Jessica for taking these.

Here's what I'm working on presently:

  • Be more purposeful in the approach. Let him know that our plan is to go over the jump. No longer just "hey horsie, what do you think about going over the jump?"   March on down to it like we've got places to go.
  • I've been catching Hemie's mouth over the jumps by getting left behind, so my position for the last few strides needs to be 2-point, with hands holding mane, loose rein. 
  • When he slides out, release outside rein. Direct rein only. (I keep having to learn this over an over! Gahh!)
So far Hemie is really enjoying our work.  He likes to jump and go over ground poles, and he's feeling more uphill and balanced than before. I finally rode him in a good gallop (well, as good as you can in an arena - I'm sure there's higher gears at a racetrack), and he was really fun and I felt really comfortable. Best of all, he came right down to a nice collected canter as soon as I asked for it. 

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