Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prep for First Show

Per SprinklerBandit's request, here are some pictures of Hemie and I (sorry I couldn't get any from the schooling this past weekend, but I promise I will find a camera slave willing friend to take a few at the show on Saturday!)

These pics are courtesy of hubby-kins, who came to watch a lesson a little while back. 

My bridle has been cleaned and conditioned, my boots are shiny and my polo shirt is clean. Need to do a number on my breeches, but besides that I feel pretty ready to go. We don't yet have a plan for classes, but I predict some cross-rails. I'd like to get a good 3 to 5 classes in, and see what he thinks about the idea of riding then waiting then riding then waiting, but we'll see how Hemie is feeling.

My only goal for the show is for Hemie to have an overall positive experience. I don't care if we come in dead last in every class. If we are having fun, then its money well spent.

We've got a lesson tonight, and then tomorrow I'll probably do a quick ride followed by horse and tack deep scrubbing.


  1. Yay for pictures! You guys look great - good luck!

  2. Excellent goal! Fun should always be first. :0) Best of luck!!!!!!!!