Friday, September 13, 2013

In Search of Chaos

First of all, congrats to Niamh of Life of Riley on their 200th post! Go check out their contest!!

This past weekend's outing was fabulous.  A little too fabulous, in a way.  Our plan was/is to get into some *CrAzY* warm-up arenas (the scene of the crime for Hemie's antics) to provide an opportunity to address the shenanigans.

Well, no shenanigans were had at our hunter show. Was this due to the general mood/energy/atmosphere being more low-key? Was it due to my proactive "you will go straight to work, and no funny business" attitude and riding style?  No way to know.

So we're doing another show this coming weekend. We're headed to the fabulous El Sueno Equestrian Center for a combined test derby. In fact, we're doing  2! With pricing less than half of what The Meadows charges, I decided to sign up for both Intro and BN divisions, so we'll be doing 2 dressage tests and 2 jumping rounds (combo stadium & xc). The nice thing is that we can add extra jump rounds/schooling if we have an issue.    

Dare I say that I hope the warm-up arenas will be more chaotic?  I do. Because, really, at this point it's not about ribbons - its about a fun and safe experience. It's about show mileage and addressing shenanigans. Wish us luck!

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