Tuesday, June 10, 2014

El Sueno Show Recap

I've been slacking on the blogging front, but to make up for it here's plenty of photos and video.

Hemie and I did the Beginner Novice derby at El Sueno, plus an extra dressage test. Our goal was simply to have a relaxed dressage tests. The jumping part was just for fun - no goals there. =)

This was the first time in a long while that Hemie went on an outing by himself, and he came off the trailer stressed out and sweaty. It was only a 20 minute trailer ride. He calmed down right away, which is good.

We only had a few minutes to warm up before our first test, but it worked out okay and we went in feeling calm and happy. Slowly throughout the test I saw if I could ask a little more from him without upsetting him. We were able to do that more at the second test.  

The jumping was good. Got a little wiggly at parts, and had a random refusal situation at the plainest looking vertical, but no big deal. He did great with a ditch bigger than we'd ever jumped before, and he loved the solid looking fences and was foot perfect for the water. I, however, did not ride my best. Show nerves apparently reduce my riding skills by at least 50% - leg swinging, hunching shoulders, the whole bit. But we got it done and had fun.

He loaded up just fine, but then started wigging out on the trailer, rearing up and tearing down his hay bag with his front legs! Thank goodness I trailer him with a head bumper. I don't think he hit his head, but it made me feel better. Once he seemed to calm down a tad they pulled away and he seemed fine during the trailer ride (I drove right behind and next to him to make sure) and he unloaded just fine. A few more solo outings are in order, I think!

Tied to the trailer

Covered warm up arena

Dressage court next to the main barn

Our first test - BN Test A:

Second test - BN Test B:

Combined stadium and cross country jumping round:

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