Monday, June 29, 2015

Tackity Tack

Firstly, congrats to Karley at All In for hitting 700 posts! Check out her blog for a celebratory contest.

Next thanks to Stephanie at Hand Gallop for our latest Blog Hop:

Share your every day tack setup


Saddle - Stubben Roxane
Leathers - From an Amish store when a buddy lived in PA
Irons - Regular fillis stainless steel
Saddlepad - Back On Track AP pad
Girth - Lettia cool-max click buckle girth
Boots - Splint boots front and behind (black - hard to see), bell boots on fronts.
Bridle - Not sure what it is precisely, it came with Hannah. But its a very nice standard hunter bridle that matches my saddle nicely.


Literally the exact same setup as jumping except for:
Saddle - Bates Isabel
Girth - Wintec Pro Chafeless girth

I'm sure our dressage setup will change before we hit the show ring so we can be more matchy-matchy. And I think we're going to start experimenting with different bits in general. But for now, this is what we are using.


  1. Hannah is the CUTEST, whatever she's wearing!

  2. You look great together, and Hannah is adorable!

  3. she's such a sweetie! also i love my BoT ap pad too