Monday, August 17, 2015

Get it together now

Firstly, congrats to DIY Horse Ownership for 200 posts! Check out the giveaway to celebrate. 

And congrats to 'Fraidy Cat Eventing for 1 year of blogging!

In my perfect world, the 2 weeks leading up to a horse trial is filled with extra barn time. A few more "serious" rides are substituted in for our casual hacks or bareback rides. More tack cleaning, boot cleaning, trailer cleaning, everything cleaning.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to swing it this time due to some medical and family stuff going on. Even so, I feel ready and excited.

Hannah, please stop finding ways to scratch your face in turnout.
I wash your face daily - it really shouldn't be that itchy.

Our last jump lesson before the show was a good 2'3 - 2'6" course.
The max height at the show is 2'.

I removed the ears from her fly mask because they were rubbing.
She looks hilarious in this mask!

Lovely evening pink clouds lately. And that's a bird on the tree branch. =)


  1. Thanks for the share. I have that same flymask in mule ear size and the ears are too big so the fabric flops down and Nilla looks like a court jester.

  2. You're going to Shepherd? Awesome!! I too wish I could fill the weeks preceding the upcoming HT with tack cleaning and barn chores but instead they will be filled with moving and data analysis. Totally the same... totally.

  3. i hope you guys have a fabulous time!!!

  4. Sounds like you're ready to go! I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Have fun and good luck!

  6. Exciting! I hope the shows goes well! Have fun!