Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rains & Rivers

The rains this winter have been heavier than usual, but since I go to the barn during daylight hours, its a workable issue. Our barn has held up pretty well, and there's few things lovelier than a bright morning after some rain.

Horses and humans alike are sloshing around the facility.

Nolan surveying muddyville.

Hannah thinks her back yard is still habitable.

The creek behind our facility is dry most of the year, but fills up from the rain and provides a great schooling opportunity.  All the horses in training at LCTS have gone knee-deep in the river.

Our coming 4-year old Roy took to it easily.

Henry was skeptical at first, but then enjoyed himself!

As it dries up between showers, we are left with some ponds to play in.

My student, A, pilots Majesty into a beautiful pond in creek bed before a lesson.

And of course, rain means grass which means grazing! Doesn't Hannah look great? She has kept her weight well this year. 

nom nom nom