Sunday, August 26, 2012

Schooling at Castle Rock

Yesterday we trailered down to the road to the beautiful Castle Rock Farms in Moorpark for a schooling, courtesy of Lisa Hall Eventing. While Lisa was hospitalized recently from a riding injury, Laurie helped out with training. I'm lucky to be reaping the benefits of my trainer's kindness. =)

It's a lovely facility, and one of the rings has some cross country elements such as banks, water, and ditches. That is where we played on Saturday.

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This was Bohemian's first time at this facility, and he was a rockstar. He was calm and willing, but clearly having fun too. We had a tiny bit of hesitation of going into the water the first time, but soon were able to trot and canter through and up and down the small banks into the pond. We did a small ditch, and of course jumped around the jumps - including very interesting looking ones different from what we have at our facility. I was very proud of my horse and happy with the whole outing.

Afterwards I delivered my entries for the September 16th Meadows of Moorpark derby. We are going to do two jumping divisions (intro BN and easy BN), but no dressage.


  1. That barn is close to my grandparents house. Small world!

    Glad it went well and your boy was good!

  2. What a cool facility! Good luck at the show!