Friday, October 5, 2012

The Next Eighty Dollar Champion

Bohemian is...The Next Eighty Dollar Champion! Our story has been chosen by Elizabeth Letts, author of the Eighty Dollar Champion, for her blog. Check out the post here!

If you haven't read the Eighty Dollar Champion, it is time to do it! Horse people love it, non-horsey people love it. And the author, Elizabeth Letts, is just amazing.

She is using the success of the book to help give back to the horse community. She is highlighting horses that come from humble beginnings on her blog "Do You Have The Next Eighty Dollar Champion?" and plans to one day compile the stories into a book where the proceeds will go to horse adoption programs.

While I'd heard about the book through friends and family, I didn't know about the blog until I heard the author speak on the Horses In The Morning radio show. In fact, one of the hosts of the radio show, Jamie, has her horse showcased on the blog as well (look for "How Did the Son of a Kentucky Derby Winner End Up Here?" for an amazing read).

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