Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ventura CDS Dressage Schooling Show - Training Test 1

Lovely day in Somis, CA
Okay, it's super late in coming but we all have those crazy busy weeks sometimes. Last Sunday 5/19 we participated in the Ventura County Chapter of the California Dressage Society's schooling show at the lovely Faith Ranch in Somis.

 I'd driven past Faith Ranch before but never been inside. It was a lovely facility and I would show there again in a heartbeat. A brief tour:

Main entrance sign
Covered competition arena, stables in background.

Covered competition arena, warm-up arena in background.
We rode two tests: USDF Training 1 and Training 2. I'm proud to report that I was able to memorize both tests completely and did not go off course at all. It was our first time competing in a full size dressage court, and even though it was a gorgeous day it sure was nice to be in a covered arena!

Training Test 1
For some reason the Blogger-to-YouTube situation is not working, so you can find the Video Here.

I was very pleased with our performance. It was our first judged dressage test that I felt accurately reflected where we are in our training (by and large).

Overall a great outing.

Test 2 to come!


  1. Nice work! I had never ridden in a real dressage court before my first test either. Even now I love showing because I get to ride in an actual dressage court rather than in my home made court using fence poles from Home Depot!

    Those are really solid scores, especially all those 7s. I am so glad that Hemie did well for you.