Friday, January 17, 2014

In Honor of Cuna

Dear Cuna,

I never met you. But I heard all about you. I am so sad that you are gone. 

I believe that God put you in TSB's life when she needed you most, and then it turned out you needed her too. You had one of those truly special horsey-human relationships, and I am heart broken that you two have parted ways for now.

Thank you for giving her so much. Though you never knew it, you helped teach and inspire me too. I am so grateful to have followed your story.


  1. My heart broke when I got the news. He was such an icon here in the horse blogging community...

  2. Great tribute! So so hard when a blogger loses their best friend - we all feel the pain.

  3. What a wonderful way to express your condolences, Sarah. I am sure that TSB will feel supported by this outpouring of Cuna love. :0)