Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Officially Unofficial Secretary

Allow me to present to you, the officially unofficial secretary for the distinguished Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club - *moi*. That's right, after about 2 years of attending monthly meetings (and the occasional social outing and group event), yours truly  now has the honor and privilege to write down the goings-ons at those meetings, type them up on a fancy template, and do other extremely important secretarial duties (which are unknown at present, but I'm sure they're important. And secretarial).

In point of fact, I am taking the liberty of adding the subtitle of "Social Media Director" as I have singlehandedly created a Facebook page for the club. Am I talented or what? Please feel free to visit and adore:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greater-Los-Angeles-Paint-Horse-Club/181653005261374.

It turns out the in order to be the official secretary, I would have to be an American Paint Horse Association member since the GLAPHC is an APHA regional charter club. Well, I'm not a member, and I'm not going to become one. It costs money and doesn't have any benefits that I want. So I get to be unofficially the secretary. But it got group approval and is in the minutes. Which means its official. Oh yeah.

Club plug: If you've got a registered Paint horse and you're in the greater LA area, come join us! We are a fun eclectic group of paint owners and lovers (and a few spouses dragged along) who get together to eat, talk, plan events, etc. Message me for more info, or stop by our FB page! =D

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