Monday, January 23, 2012 least I had a nice trail ride

Unfortunately, Spirit and I did not get to participate in the Jil Walton clinic at the Galway Downs fundraiser in Temecula this weekend. There was a series of misfortunes with the other members of my barn who were going to go down, plus rain and some concern over the current virus going around southern California. I'll be honest - I was disappointed. I was ready to get out there on the cross country course and see how far we've come since last October. But my wonderful trainer has come up with a new game plan: we'll be XC schooling at The Meadows in two weeks.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the rings were flooded Saturday. By Sunday they had improved, but not enough for a lesson. So we went out on a lovely trail ride. Since its raining again right now, its possible that this week's evening lesson may not be able to happen. So, I'll be continuing with my book and hopefully have lots to work on as soon as the rings permit.

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