Monday, October 6, 2014

2pointober & 10 questions

It's 2pointober time!!! Thanks to Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart for co-hosting this year.

Last year my baseline was 2:04. I can't find my finishing time but I think it was right around 4 minutes. On Thursday night I did my baseline and came to 3 minutes. I admit I could have pushed for longer, but I was (a) in a dressage saddle and (b) warming up for a lesson so I didn't want to be too noodly-legged!

10 Questions from L. at Viva Carlos

1. Is there something you don't like about your riding? Lower leg needs more stability.

2. Does your horse buck? Yes, but mostly in the turnout and on the longe. And very rarely just the other day under-saddle.

3. Is your horse head shy? Nope. He's fabulous with his head, ears, nose, everything.

4. Favorite barn chore to do? Organizing my tack cubby and sweeping the tack room.

5. How many times do you ride a week? Generally 4-5 times per week: 3 week days and 1 to 2 weekend days.

6. Who is your favorite pro rider? I'm going with Buck Davidson Jr.

7. If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? Dom Schramm (of EventionTV fame).

I need dem dressage skillz yo.

8. Favorite Facial Marking? I like solid faces.

9. Leg Markings or No Leg Markings?  No leg markings. I prefer symmetry and like dark legs.

10. Ever broken anything falling off? Nope! I've had plenty of injuries, but did not break anything from falling off specifically. I've injured a tendon and torn a meniscus from falling off, and fractured an ankle from dismounting hard, and also got a broken finger from being trampled on the ground (a story for another time)...but no actual broken bones from falling.


  1. I want to look super fly like that guy too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It seems like most of us are either 4 minutes and below, or 15 minutes and above!!

  3. nice! i kinda love evention tv too... now that i think about it, the schramms aren't that far from me. one of these days i'm totes gonna do a clinic with them :)

    1. Go for it! All the Shrammo clinic recaps I've read sound like its truly worthwhile.

  4. Buck is one of my favs too! But Boyd is my favorite. :) Good luck with 2pointober.

    1. I have lots of favorites =) Hope you're able to do 2pointober this year!

  5. Good luck with 2Pointober. Funny how we often hurt ourselves more with the little stuff than the actual falls.

    1. I know, right? Its those random situations that seem to do the most damage.