Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blogger Secret Santa

I'm late in posting about it, but I am delighted that Fly On Over hosted another Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange! It's such a delightful way to connect with other equestrian bloggers and share the love for the holidays!

Monica from Chasing the Dream sent me a wonderful holiday gift. Thank you Monica!! 

I knew the moment I saw the package that it was from my blogger secret santa. Who else but equestrians has such excellent taste in duct tape?

Red sparkly duct tape on the shipping box,
and adorable wrapped box within!

Inside was an artistic hand-made Christmas card, a sturdy, attractive OTTB mug filled with an assortment of chocolates and candies, and a lovely hand-drawn ink sketch of Bohemian.

Love it!
Forgive the bad photo.

Truly wonderful gifts that bring a smile to my face! I've since framed the sketch and eaten most of the candies. I love the mug - it's my very first OTTB logo item.

This year I was privileged to have our host, Tracy from Fly On Over as my Secret Santa recipient and I'm so glad she likes her socks! I'm too late to join the link-up but it has been fun seeing everyone's great gift exchanges!


  1. What fun things, love that sketch!

  2. That sketch is awesome! Such great gifts!

  3. yay what a thoughtful gift! great sketch :)

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  5. OMG that sketch is absolutely stunning!!