Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's the Tendon

Got the knee checked out, and the official diagnosis in an injured tendon with a possible torn meniscus. No issues with ligaments or bones.

I showed all the sings of injured tendon, but only partial signs for a torn meniscus. Even though both issues are 100% recoverable, if its the meniscus then the only way to repair it is through surgery. However, the doctor thinks its likely just the tendon, so the plan is to self-perform some physical therapies to encourage healing and if it isn't 99% better in 3 weeks (New Years!) then I'll go get an MRI to check out the meniscus.

So when do I get to ride? Only after I can get through an entire day at work without any pain. But since I should be 99% better in 3 weeks, we're looking at max 3 more weeks without riding. Hoping my meniscus is fine that is.

To be honest, I'm relieved. I was quite worried it was something more serious that would take months to heal. And I feel empowered by having some PT stretches to do.

But what about Hemie? Well, I guess its time for him to go into training! Laurie will be putting rides on him, and I'll supplement with longing. She'll be giving me a long lesson sometime this week so we can make it more of a training experience rather than just a warm-up for exercise. I see side reins in Hemie's future...


  1. Glad it isn't something more serious! I hope it heals on it's own with the PT :)

  2. Ouch!! Glad Laurie can take the reins for a while. :)

  3. Bummer... Here's to crappy weather so you feel justified in time off!