Friday, October 4, 2013

2 Point Challenge!

2pt Challenge 2013Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart are co-hosting a 2-point challenge. Yours truly is entering with a baseline score of 2:04.  The idea is to work on it all month, and submit new scores (hopefully improvements!) each week, with some prizes at the end for people who can do it longest or have most improvement.

Since I've got our show to focus on, as well as my birthday, hubby's birthday, a wedding, and a baby shower (busy month!!), I don't think I'll be really giving this challenge my all - rather, I plan on just making sure I've got some extra 2-point work included in every ride (with jump saddle - I don't know if I can 2-point in dressage saddle, though I've never tried...)

I'm also going to try L's 3000+ sit up challenge, which sounds a bit intense for me. 100 a day? Her sage advice is to split it up into smaller pieces. Well...we'll see what I can do. Any number of sit ups is better than no sit ups, right?

Also, be sure to check out the Horze contest over at She Moved to Texas!


  1. Good luck with the challenge! I'm doing the sit-up one too. I do them all at once, but its probably easier to split them into slices to do several times a day i.e. 50 in the morning, 50 at night. Or something like that. Happy early birthday, by the way.

  2. Exactly, even just doing 25 where you would normally do 0 is an improvement, same with the two point.

  3. I bet if you break up the two point into a little bit of each ride you'll notice your overall baseline has improved a lot!