Thursday, April 2, 2015

Horse Shopping List

Thanks to those who commented on my last post, discussing factors to consider when horse shopping.  I've come up with my list of priorities for my next equine partner:

  • Good brain/sane.
  • Trained in jumping such that the horse is straightforward and suitable for an amateur who is far from a perfect rider. Dressage training is a bonus.
  • Price within my budget.
  • Compatible personality.
  • Willing attitude/good work ethic. 
  • Goals - to learn on and have fun on, and be able to compete at local shows within the next 6 months at BN level (or equivalent levels in other disciplines), and compete at larger shows within 12 months.

  • Age - under 20, over 4. 
  • Height & conformation - over 15 hands, not completely downhill or backwards built.
  • Show experience - a bonus.
  • Health, Soundness, Injuries & Vet Check - strongly prefer horse in overall good health, without special medical issues that require lifelong care. 
  • Vices, Feed, Stable Management - prefer easy keeper with no vices of course.
  • Reputation or referral by friends or trainers - good recommendation strongly considered.
  • Feet - want to avoid horrible feet.

Don't Care About
  • Breed & Breeding - I enjoy learning about horses' breeding, but its not a factor for me in selecting a partner this time.
  • Attractiveness - honestly its a rare horse I find unattractive.
  • Name - a good name is a bonus.
  • Je ne sais quois/X-factor - don't care right now.
  • Ground manners - a bonus, but I'm confident in being able to install this if needed.
  • Registered - preferred for ease of researching the horse only.


  1. I think this is a really thoughtful list! Good luck with your search, this is a very good time of year to be looking (at least on the East Coast -- I hope it's the same for you)

  2. You've really thought everything through! I did the same thing, I felt like it really helped me during my search. Best of luck!

  3. Very good list, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. nice list - definitely good to know what you do and do not care about ahead of time. good luck!

  5. I hope that you find one that is perfect for you :) I thinks it's great that you are taking the time to really analyze what qualities are important.

  6. Seems like a reasonable list. Much simpler than mine was! Best of luck to you!

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