Wednesday, July 15, 2015

EIC Product Review & Triple Giveaway! Be Ready Safety Spray

A while back I was contacted by Giddyup Girls to try out and review their insect spray: Be Ready Safety Spray.  I've been using it for over 2 months, just as fly season was coming on strong in my area.

What makes Be Ready spray unique is its focus on safety:
  • For the environment:
    • won't harm bees or colonies (or other insects)
    • no DEET, pesticides, or insecticides
  • For the users:
    • safe on skin
    • safe to breathe (though I don't recommend it)
    • okay to use on humans and pets
    • doesn't stain clothes or equipment

Nowhere on the bottle or website is it called a "repellent" but that's what it does. The bugs listed are: bees, wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. These last 3 are what I deal with on a regular basis, though I do encounter the others on trail rides. It's a clear liquid that's not oily or sticky, and I spray it right over her body and on her splint boots. I apply it to her face using a rag or my palm.

Bug free trail ride = happy pony + happy human

Bottom line: it works great!!  From the moment I spray, bugs leave us alone. I have sprayed this stuff directly onto flies that were chilling on Hannah's legs, and they immediately flew away and didn't return. Hannah appreciates not having to stomp or swish, and it lasts at least 90 minutes (my average pony time). It works best on a groomed horse but works surprisingly well on a dirty, dusty horse too.

Since someone likes to roll in turnout.

However, it has a strong odor. Not a bad one, per se. In fact, others at the barn have said they like the smell. I've been smelling it for months and I still can't decide if I like or dislike the odor. It has a medicinal, herbal quality to it. But it lasts a long time - I can sometimes smell faint traces of it even 24 hours later.

It currently only comes in a small 4-ounce bottle - the kind where you use your index finger to press down and you get a small mist area. I prefer larger bottles with whole-hand squirt levers and a larger spray area; however, the small size makes it convenient for fitting in a pocket, or for using it on yourself or a dog.

Even though it's a small bottle, it is powerful stuff, so I think 2 bottles would last me through bug season, which is comparable to other larger bottles of fly spray. I really like that the bottle is clear and you can see how much liquid is left inside.

The price is only $10.95 per bottle on the Giddyap Girls website, and its starting to hit shelves in more stores and websites. Given how effective it is, this is a great value. Especially if you want to support a product that is environmentally friendly, USDA tested, and works really well.

And now you can try it too. Giddyap Girls is graciously doing a triple giveaway. That's right, 3 winners!! All you have to do is like the Giddyap Girls Facebook page and the Be Ready Safety Spray FB page using the Rafflecopter widget below. You get an extra chance to win by sharing the contest on your blog or other social media.

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  1. I shared this on my Facebook page:

  2. I would love to try ANYTHING to get rid of these mosquitos on me, my horse, or my dogs!

    1. It has definitely worked for me for repelling mosquitoes.

  3. I really want to try this. My gelding is a huge diva about the bugs :(

    1. Yeah, some are very sensitive, this product is definitely worth a try.

  4. I'm
    Kinda scared of the scent based on yours and viva Carlos reviews... But it's intriguing.

    1. The smell is stronger than other fly sprays I've had, but it works better than some other sprays too. And some people like the smell.

  5. we have killer gnats in our arena (at least that's what izzy says) so i might need to check this out bc my regular stuff ain't cuttin it!

  6. My barn is located on waterfront property, so it is a hotspot for mosquitos, gnats, horseflies and the like. Can't wait for this insect season to be over!

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