Monday, November 12, 2012

Dressage Update

Alas, it has been far too long since we've provided a dressage update. It's coming along excellently.

We are doing well with:
  • Halts. 
  • Half-halts.
  • Moving off the leg, forwards.
  • Moving off the leg, sideways (leg yield).
  • Backing up.
  • Straightness.
  • Upward to canter transitions.
  • Staying uphill in the canter when traveling downhill.
  • Cantering slowly and rhythmically.
  • Trotting with impulsion and good tempo.

We are working on:
  • Consistent outside rein connection.
  • Shoulder in.
  • Turn on the haunches.
  • Turn on the forehand.
  • Sitting trot.
  • Free walk.
  • The beginnings of stretchy trot.

We are struggling with:
  • Bend.
  • Balance and self-carriage when cantering tracking right (2nd direction).

Starting a few weeks ago, we've been making dressage lessons a regular part of our training. Basically we get a dressage lesson during a weekday evening, and a jumping lesson on the weekend. I do my best to get at least one (preferably more) practice rides in between lessons to work on what the lesson covered.

Laurie has been traveling due to her Nerium business ( so our lesson schedule has been a inconsistent. Right now I'm feeling pretty good about what I'm able to accomplish on my own. Hemie seems to be enjoying it and I am too.

Except for one thing. The darkness. Its a major pain in the you-know-what. We're using a camping lantern in the tack room, and I'm basically grooming him "by feel" in his stall before riding.  Why does California still observe daylight savings time? Oh - because over 25 million acres is farmland (roughly 9% of total land in the state). Okay fine then. But its still annoying.


  1. A couple people at our barn have to walk there horses out in the dark to their paddocks. One of them got a head lamp like a coal miner. Pretty handy.

    1. I've used one in the past - those are quite handy!