Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Talk Tack: Bridles

This month I'm curious about your bridles. There are so many shapes and sizes and options nowadays.  How many bridles do you own? Do you have bridles reserved for shows only?  Please vote below, and feel free to comment with details.

But first - last month I asked about your riding boot and saddle pad collections. Here are the results:

Riding Boots

The majority of voters own 2 or 3 pairs of riding boots, and do have riding boots reserved for shows only.

Saddle Pads

We have quite a range of saddle pad collection sizes, though most people have 1-2 pads reserved for shows.

Now, on to the bridles

How many bridles do you own? free polls 

Do you have bridles reserved for shows only? free polls 

I own 4 full bridles, none of them are reserved for shows only.

I own one Micklem that I currently use for everything - jumping, dressage, trails, at home and at shows.

I have two Americana traditional bridles, one brown and one black, one of which I use for longing. The other is just sitting around.

And I have one no-name bridle that just sits in my garage and I guess I should add to the tack swap blog hop.

I also have a partial bridle - I've been harvesting leather from my old saddleseat double bridle (since maroon with white polka dots isn't exactly en vogue in eventing!).

Looking forward to see what others have! Thank you so much to everyone who votes!


  1. I very very very recently got a 2nd bridle. Until then, it was only one!

  2. I have a chocolate brown hunter/jumper bridle I use with Chester.

  3. I have 4 if you count the one I just bought that hasn't arrived yet. A Mark Todd anatomic bridle, an Ovation hunter bridle, my custom hackamore bridle, and the (soon to be) PS of Sweden Free Jump anatomic bridle. None are (or will be) reserved for only shows.

  4. 2 ADT Imperial complete bridles, both stored, one is show condition, one is NWT
    1 ADT Gazelle complete bridle, show condition, is my current show only bridle
    1 Courbette ultra fine complete bridle, show condition, used to be show bridle, now stored
    1 SmartPak Harwich bridle, my everyday bridle
    1 Stubben complete dressage bridle, for all dressage use

    All for 1 horse, cuz you know, I'm a tack-ho. I am super-duper picky about bridles and especially for my guy, the finer the better they look on him. 1" padded is actually too much, hence the show bridles don't have padding.

  5. I have 3 bridles right now after recently selling my dressage bridle.

    1 No Name
    1 Edgewood
    1 Aramas

    None are reserved for shows though I currently don't really use the Aramas.

  6. I have a black dressage bridle with silver piping to match the piping on my dressage saddle, a Mark Todd bridle, and my polo bridle. My dressage bridle will be my show bridle but I use it for schooling all the time too.

  7. I have.... some... bridles. Let's not count. It's plenty and I'm not kidding when I say I want to buy like two more RIGHT NOW.

    I have a bridle problem.

    I use them all if/when I want to, shows be damned.

    1. I'm a huge fan of sprinklerbandit's bridle problem, I certainly have my own collection, but her's really pimps my horses out!

  8. I have three bridles! Moe and Gina have very different sized heads, so they need separate bridles. I have an HDR figure-8 for Moe, and Gina goes in one of the SmartPak dressage bridles, except when we're doing something where a black bridle looks weird. Then I have a regular cavesson bridle.

    I had another bridle for Moe, which went missing at our last barn, and until I sold it recently, I also had an oversize bridle for an Oldenburg I was riding. I love bridles!

  9. I have a Plymouth and a Beval. I have them at the barn + a bridle I stole from my trainer. I keep switching bits around looking for the goldilocks one (I dont think it will exist for my horse for at least another year though)

  10. i have one random no name bridle that i bought ages before i met isabel - but it just happens to be cob-sized whereas her owner's bridle is not. so that's what i ride & show her in. it's pretty, uh, plain. but i've tried to spruce it up a bit with new web reins and a nunn finer clincher brow band.

  11. Ummm...between me and the boy, we have a massive pile of bridles. On the top of my head, at least 17 complete ones? Six of those are english, the rest are western...maybe we have a problem.

  12. I have a Pessoa hunter bridle, a figure 8 bridle made of pieces of other bridles, and 2 cob bridles I don't use. I am thinking about getting a monocrown figure 8, but haven't quite made up my mind which.

  13. I have 1 SP Plymouth hunter for everything, and one no name western one-ear that hasn't seen daylight in eons. Them there's the wide array of bridle/bit combinations my trainer keeps on hand that several of us rotate through. Helps make me feel like I get new toys without shopping ;) Eventually I want a show bridle, mostly so it can stay clean and pretty and make showing easier.

  14. I think I have 4 bridles, maybe 5. I don't show so none of them are reserved! I only ride western so all of them are western, haha. A one ear, a billy cook headstall, a no-name Texas star bridle and a couple others that I forget about, haha!

  15. I was thinking I was one of the few people choosing 5+ bridles until I saw the current stats. I'm glad I'm not alone, but I think it would be interesting to know the bridles vs number of horses ratio in this as well.
    Mine are all brown regular noseband bridles
    1 old ADT oversize that I use for lunging at this point
    2 Aramas oversize - one for show and one for every day
    1 HDR oversize
    1 no name oversize that I keep a hackamore on for lazy rides
    All this for 2 horses (with big heads)

  16. I have 8 bridles I think? But 4 horses so thats not too bad!

  17. I'm honestly embarrassed about how many bridles I have... But most of them need to be sold. I do, however, regularly use 3 bridles for 1 horse lol