Friday, November 14, 2014

Bits and such

To catch up from a busy week!

I started October clocking 3:00 of 2-point and finished the challenge with 5:10. The month seemed to fly by, and next year I want better improvement. Congrats to the extremely impressive winners, and thanks to L. of Viva Carlos and Hillary of Equestrian at Hart for hosting the challenge!

No Stirrup November
I'm in! Every ride this month has included no-stirrup work, though I'm still leaving the leathers on the saddle.

Because someone has the fall friskies!

Playing with Bits
Ever since I got Hemie I've been riding him in an Albacon mixed metal french link eggbutt. It hasn't been a problem, but I do wonder if there isn't something he might like better. Can't know until you try, right? So I'm borrowing friends' bits to experiment. So far I've tried this one:

Stubben golden wings gag

I couldn't tell if he prefers the lozenge/bean to the link, but I did notice the gag action come into play. Next one to try will be a loose ring lozenge without wings and without gag action.

Riding in the dark
It's completely dark by the time I get to the barn after work during the week, and I've noticed my rides have gotten shorter in duration. On the plus side, I've been good about cleaning tack with the "found" time.

We're working on some new skills including trot and canter lengthens. Hemie is enjoying learning new things. Meanwhile I've been focusing on my position to ensure my weight is in the proper place (inside vs outside hip or stirrup), while still focusing on Hemie's shoulder placement to get straightness for better self carriage.

Showtime for Friends
This past weekend I hauled TK and her lovely 4-year old Levi to a local schooling dressage show. This horse hasn't gotten less than a blue ribbon in dressage to date! Judges just adore him.

The fabulous Karen and Speedy of Not-So-Speedy Dressage were also there for their 1st level debut! It was really nice to hang out with her and cheer her on. 

Speedy can really step under himself!

XC Schooling
This weekend we're heading a local facility for some cross country fun. I really hope to bring hubby along for some photos!


  1. Hope your hubby can go take photos! Thanks for participating in 2pointober!

  2. Good luck at XC schooling!

  3. have fun schooling! sounds like a lot going on too, fun stuff :) and i'm with ya on the darkness leading to shorter rides... it definitely zaps some of my motivation, boo

    1. Thanks, and yeah...can't wait for spring LOL.

  4. I am so intrigued by that stubben bit! tell me more :)

    1. It's a "golden wings" bit with gag loops for a little bit of leverage for breakover at the poll. Meanwhile the losenge/bean snaffle is akin to a french link, only a bit thicker/rounder. The wings act as guards against pinching, but unfortunately are not dressage legal.

  5. I went through the same bit experimentation phase with Miles, and I'm really glad I did! Once I found "the one" I saw immediate improvement!

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I am definitely going to keep going with it then!