Thursday, February 2, 2012

If only horses could read...

Dear Spirit,

Our trainer Laurie had lots of praise for us during last night's lesson, and I agree that we are certainly coming along. You were very calm even when your friend Stormy had his bucking tantrums, and for that I am very proud of you and grateful. 

However, I would like to respectfully request a few behavior modifications for our future rides. Firstly, please respect my half-halts. You are simply not allowed to go faster than I say we can, and you are never allowed to run through my hand. I really hope your mouth hasn't been as sore as my palm muscles have been lately! Secondly, please carry yourself so that I don't have to - the muscles and ligaments in between my shoulder blades would appreciate it. Finally, please do these things for more than three strides at a time. Do them for, say, a half-hour at a time. Or even just 5 minutes. Honestly even just 15 strides would be a real treat. That would be great. 

Of course, I love you no matter how sassy you sometimes can be, and even though you think way too much - and those thoughts seem to be all about how to evade. I promise that I am trying to make things fun and relaxing for you. You're a beautiful and athletic mare, but you've got about 900 pounds on me, so I need your cooperation. Thanks.



  1. Hm... if she's anything like my mare, I'm guessing an open letter will only piss her off. :p Good luck!

  2. ha! let me know if that works, I have a book with Reno's name on it.