Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Party Time

This past weekend Spirit got to kick back and relax under the loving care of K.M. while I was out of town for an amazing bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas.  I had a great time, but of course missed the grey girl. Here's some video of her playing around I took after getting back. She was having a sassy day! 

Good, bad, or indifferent - the coming month of March is going to be basically a write off for Spirit and I in terms of any real effort to work on our issues. The first two weeks I'm getting ready for my wedding. I'll still be riding, but realistically not with the same level of zeal or attention as normal. Then I'm gone for two weeks enjoying the honeymoon vacation of a lifetime. I think that Spirit may enjoy a little break from the rigors of our normal schedule, though she'll be getting plenty of exercise from her loving support team. 

Just for fun, here's a picture from the Vegas weekend!  How often do you get to wear a plastic tiara and tulle veil?

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