Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ribbon Recycling

I love the idea of being craftsy. I love the idea of repurposing/reusing things in general.  

Most importantly, I love exposing my horse to looky-loo things that I expect he might oogle at the upcoming show: the flappy cross country flags at Shepherd Ranch. 

So, some red and white ribbons to the rescue.

Red on right, white on left, cute ears in the middle!


  1. Good idea, and good practice for the rider. :0)

  2. Great idea!! The *only* think my horse has spooked at so far-in my care-is a piece of yellow tape on electrical fencing. :P So, this would be great for him. Lol!!! He doesn't spook at the HUGE snake on the trails, the horse that bucked AT him-with me on his back, geeze-or even the crazy birds around the farm, but he freaks at that. :P

  3. Smart!!! Also way to be prepared!! :)