Monday, August 19, 2013

Show Binder

This post was inspired by The Roany Pony's show binder post.

Only 4 days until the horse show! I'm dreaming about it at night and planning ahead during the day. I'm very excited - the happy kind, and the anxious kind, trading off.

It's been almost 2 years since I've competed in a full horse trials, and I believe that planning and organization can make shows go much smoother. So I've been spending some quality time with my show binder.

What's inside?
  1. Dressage test & arena layout.
  2. Omnibus listing (aka show premium).
  3. Copy of my entry form, stabling form, etc.
  4. Hotel info.
  5. Printed directions & map of general area.
  6. Packing checklists (yes, plural).
  7. Food planning list.
  8. Rules
  9. Judging terminology
  10. Horse and rider turnout photos and tips.
  11. Blank paper & pens.
  12. Emergency contact info & stall label.

Here's my packing checklist as of yesterday:

Lots of scribbles and notes as I check things off and pack tubs. Organized chaos.

The most important use of the show binder is to sit down each evening and create my day plan where I map out times and duration of everything from waking up in the morning to feeding, grooming, spectating, and finally mounting up. Shows are exciting but there's so many distractions - old friends and new ones, great riders on amazing horses, shopping, food - having a day plan keeps me on track.


  1. I need to organize my binder! Great list of items to have.

  2. Oh if only H/J could actually plan their days based on times. lol

  3. Love it! I have a show folder. :0) After so many YEARS of traveling and competing with my horses (albeit at endurance rides), I have a solid mental checklist of what needs to go in the trailer, but it is certainly helpful to make lists, especially when it's not your trailer you're packing! The added benefit is that it also channels excess energy in a productive way. :0)

  4. Woohoo! I love how organized that seems... I have a Hue binder but don't have a show specific binder.

  5. Wow, that's an amazing binder, I'm organized, but I don't have one of those! :-)

  6. OMG if I was showing, I'd so do this, glad I'm not the only productive OCD person out there :)

  7. Jesus Christ in a boat that is so organised.