Tuesday, June 21, 2011

only 3 days away...

I can't believe its Tuesday already. Where has the time gone? Luckily I've been pretty productive. So far I've:

  • Cleaned and oiled my jumping saddle
  • Cleaned and oiled my (new to me) dressage bridle
  • Cleaned and oiled my jumping bridle
  • Given Spirit a bath and clipped her fuzzy spots
  • Organized my show outfits
  • Figured out what Spirit is wearing for all 3 phases
Last night I had a dressage lesson on her. She was a little fussy, to be honest. And I was trying new stirrup leathers which were NOT working for me (can you say bruising on the thighs??). But our last run through of the dressage test was pretty lovely, so we ended on a great note.

On this past Saturday, we had a jumping lesson to end all jumping lessons. The goal was to build our confidence by overcoming scary jumps. The problem is that we've jumped all the jumps at the barn many times - they're not scary. So we made them scary by draping horse eating tarps and blankets over them! Spirit was absolutely amazing and bravely jumped the scary jumps after some encouragement. But just to keep me on my toes she refused once over a jump that she'd already jumped without issue. She was telling me that I need to do my part every time - I can't take her jumping for granted.

Tonight I've got my last lesson before the show. It will be dressage again. I'm getting excited for the show!!

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