Saturday, June 11, 2011

::h-e-l-m-e-t ::

Today is national (perhaps - international??) helmet awareness day! Hooray for helmets! Personally, I like my brain. And my hair. I value cranium protection, so I wear a helmet anytime I ride Spirit. If I'd planned out my finances a little better, I'd have saved up to buy a helmet today when most stores have them on 10%, 15%, even 20% off. Its a good idea to replace your helmet regularly, and for sure when you've landed on your head. This is my present helmet:

To be honest, I don't use one when I ride Miss Paint out on trail. And I've been using the same helmet for about 2 years even though I've had plenty of falls. I only have the one helmet, and should probably have more like 3. Gotta be honest on national helmet day. 

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