Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isn't it too early for butterflies?

My first real horse trials is a week away. And I'm nervous. Way more nervous than I normally am before a competition, and any of life's other "crunch time"s. Maybe its because I'm a not fully prepared - I've got a long To Do list that I'm checking off much too slowly. But in my heart I know it's because I'm afraid of the cross country. I'm afraid we'll get refusals and get disqualified. Aaarrgg.

The main problem with my concern is that I'm somewhat helpless in terms of fixing it. I'm a solution-oriented gal, and here's what I've got down so far for addressing this issue:
1. Take a lesson on a horse that refuses more than mine does (this is happening tonight)
2. Visualize successful XC jumps (ongoing)
3. Practice letting my horse get behind my leg, then pushing her back up again (ongoing)

What else is there? This really isn't very much, or at least it doesn't feel like a slam-dunk way to conquer this fear.

Meanwhile, I'm focusing on the things I do have more control of: cleaning my tack, bathing my horse, planning my food, worrying. Oh wait - should probably do less of that last item. Hmmm.

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