Friday, June 17, 2011

Countdown to Showtime

OK, so I've got my days mapped out until showtime, but first - an update on my lesson last night!!!

Last night I had my lesson on Sybill, an incredible mare owned by a very sweet lady at my barn. When I first came to Laurie Canty Training Stables, my horse wasn't able to come with me right away, so I actually took quite a few lessons on Sybill during that horseless time. She's a great mare - loving and kind, but definitely demanding that her rider do things correctly. She'll only give back to you what you put into it. PERFECT for teaching me how to be a more supportive rider.

This was my 2nd jumping lesson on her - most previous rides on her were dressage. My goal for the lesson was to teach me how to prevent a horse from refusing as I feel it coming on. Well, Sybill obliged me a few times - she hesitated before about 3 jumps. Now, it turns out that it was *my riding* that was causing the hesitation, but still, I had to support with my leg to get her over the jumps. I had to feel it and act immediately. So, good. Also during the lesson, I learned that I lean forwards when I want the horse to speed up. That is a no-no. Also, that I sit too heavily immediately after jumps, and I need to have a light seat rather than a driving one. My wonderful Spirit is too green to be fussy about me doing all of that stuff, whereas Sybill was like "what the heck, human?".  Laurie said the lesson helped me to become more poised and I like the way that sounds. I do hope I can get more lessons on Sybill - she is a lot of fun and certainly has a lot to teach me.

Now on to my countdown to showtime:

Friday 6/17 - Tack cleaning, clothes prep, practice ride.

Saturday - Lesson - jumping. We're making the jumps scary looking to try and invite some refusals (and overcome them). Bath time, and last-minute shopping.

Sunday - More tack cleaning. Organize show gear.

Monday - Lesson - jumping or dressage (depending on whats needed).

Tuesday - Lesson - dressage. Print ride times.

Wednesday - Practice ride. Grocery shopping.

Thursday - Touch up bathing if needed. Pack trailer. Trailer up at about noon. Light practice ride once there.

Friday - HT! Dressage!

Saturday - HT! XC (?)

Sunday - HT! Stadium (?) & head home.

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